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Discover the invigorating Pineapple Express, a sativa-dominant hybrid marvel meticulously crafted by crossing Trainwreck with Hawaiian. Originally catapulted into the spotlight by the cult classic film in 2008, Pineapple Express has transcended cinema to become a cherished reality in dispensaries nationwide. Embraced by cannabis connoisseurs, this strain delivers a sustained burst of energy upon consumption, boasting a potent THC content of 20%. Whether you seek a buzzy, alert, or creative vibe, Pineapple Express delivers, making it ideal for morning, afternoon, or early evening indulgence.

Experience a flavor explosion as bright citrus harmonizes with pineapple sweetness and earthy pine undertones, courtesy of caryophyllene, limonene, and Ocimene terpenes. Beyond its delectable taste, Pineapple Express earns its place in the medicine cabinet, offering relief from symptoms of depression, pain, and fatigue.

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