Lab Reports

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Platinum Pancake THCa Hemp

Platinum Pancake COA – New Bloom Labs

Sour Apple Gummies

Sour Apple D9 Gummies COA – Columbia Labs

Black Truffle THCa Hemp

Black Truffle COA – Rogue Research Lab

Purple Voodoo - Exotics THCa Hemp

Purple Voodoo – Exotics COA – Marin Analytics

White Truffle THCa Hemp

White Truffle COA – Pinnacle Analytics

Sour Cherry THCa Hemp

Sour Cherry COA – New Bloom Labs

Sour Apple Diesel THCa Hemp

Sour Apple Diesel COA – New Bloom Labs

Oreoz THCa Hemp

Oreoz COA – Marin Analytics

Lemon Drops THCa Hemp

Lemon Drop COA – New Bloom Labs

London Pound Cake THCa Hemp

London Pound Cake COA – New Bloom Labs

Black Cherry THCa Hemp

Black Cherry COA – FESA Labs

Mimosa THCa Hemp

Mimosa COA – Marin Analytics Labs

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This is not CBD, it is THCa, the real deal.

It is the early stage of THC and when heated, it changes into THC, which gives you the feel-good energy.

THCa is 100% federally legal.
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